About Alan S. Whitfield’s

Cornwall-based artist Alan S. Whitfield’s fascination with wood goes back to his early childhood, where he spent time climbing trees, with the woodland as his natural playground.

Cornish Woods Alan S. Whitfield
Cornish artist Alan S. Whitfield

As an adult, he progressed to working with wood, mastering woodworking skills and learning new techniques, transforming reclaimed timber and mixed media into products for home and garden.  

He obtains timber from sustainable sources, whether it is collecting driftwood from the Cornish coastline or from scheduled tree falling from local woods and gardens. His findings include bulks of timber from the shipwreck The PZ 87 Rosebud, which has been used in his popular collection of lamps, and oak, ash and beech wood from the Roseland Peninsular, which has been transformed into bespoke artisan pieces for local galleries.

He lives in Penzance, Cornwall, which he has considered a creatively-inspiring part of the world.